Introducing, Brush Brigade! A team of plaque-fighting tooth fairies embarking on various missions to protect children's teeth from evil forces who seek to rot them. Subscribe below to stay in the loop!








Bebe is the daughter of the one and only Queen Tooth Fairy. Although everyone thinks she should become the next Queen, just like her mother before her, she decides to follow her own path and join the Brush Brigade as a defender.
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The big bad Emperor Decay is out to complete his goal of rotting children’s teeth all around the world to use for his growing army. Long ago banished from Bristleville, Decay is the very reason the defense division of the Brush Brigade was formed. He plans on eliminating them once and for all to get his revenge.


Buck is the best friend of Bebe, even before landing positions on the same team in the Brush Brigade! Buck is a weapons specialist that makes a lot of mistakes simply because he is forgetful and clumsy.


Beezal is the specialty recruit in B-Squad of the Brush Brigade. This toothpaste like creature has the ability for transform into a variety of different shapes, sizes, as well as tools and vehicles for his team to use during their wild missions.
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Faye is a very popular member of the Floss Force, specifically assigned to B-Squad for when they need additional help. She is the niece of Commander Quest, and because of that get treated pretty special even though she denies it all the time. With that special treatment comes special training, making her a fierce and reliable team member to have by your side.
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Captain McCoy is the leader of B-Squad! Although he comes off as goofy and clumsy most times, Cole knows when to put on his game face when it comes to battling Gunkies. He is highly skilled, very reliable, and is able to teach his team everything it takes to be a great defender.
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Commander Quest is the leader of the brigade’s defense division. He is in charge of all the of the separate squads, and makes the hard decisions when it comes to the well being of Bristleville. Quest works very close with the Queen Tooth Fairy, and is known for his combat skills. Anyone trained under Commander Quest will be sure to excel to new heights.



Jason Faunt

Jason grew up in Mchenry, Illinois, just outside Chicago. After years of pursuing a professional baseball career, he gave it up and moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to become an actor. After years of acting classes, he landed the iconic role of the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force. Years later, he landed the role as the motion capture actor for Leon Kennedy in the immensely popular Resident Evil franchise.


Jeremy Fry

Dr. Jeremy Fry is a practicing orthodontist in the Midwest with offices in four states from Arizona to North Carolina. Throughout his career he has believed that the creation of healthy, beautiful smiles provides the foundation of hope for a better life. He brings an expertise to the Brush Brigade project through his dental knowledge but also through his business experience of growing companies to provide careers for hundreds of team members.


Amadi Grey

Amadi Grey is a dynamic marketing strategist with a demonstrated history of success in product launches and business development. Experienced in leveraging SEO, strategic partnerships, and negotiation skills to drive revenue and establish market presence. Proven track record in orchestrating successful launch campaigns for entertainment ventures, raising significant funds and attracting top-tier talent.


Johnny Hartmann

Raised in Hamburg, Germany, Johnny graduated from Columbia College film school in Los Angeles and has since enjoyed a prolific career as a writer in all genres and media, ranging from animated feature films and television productions to comic books and video games. His credits include popular kids shows such as Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Monster High, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers: Beast Morphers & Power Rangers: Dino Fury.